Teeth Whitening and Dental Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Whitening and Routine Teeth Cleaning

Teeth whitening and teeth cleanings are what most people think of a dentist in Trussville Alabama for, but Edwards Lake Dental does so much more than that. Below are a list of most of our services that we can provide you and your family.

Services offered include:

  • Preventive Dental Services include regular teeth cleanings, DIGITAL x-rays, fluoride treatments
  • Restorative Dental Services include fillings (both bonded and metal fillings), same day crowns and bridges.
  • We also have Implant services
  • Removable Services include both full and partial dentures
  • We provide Extractions both surgical and simple
  • We do Root canals
  • Cosmetic Services include veneers, Zoom Whitening, “take home” whitening systems
  • Call us for your Dental Emergencies, we know things don’t go bad on a schedule so call us for your emergency.

The great staff at Edwards Lake Road Dental strives to create an atmosphere where your family feels right at home while receiving the best dental care available. They understand how anxious and nervous people can get when going to the dentist but our understanding and caring staff will help make your appointment at Edwards Lake Dental the most enjoyable possible. They know what to do and say to ease your mind and Dr Andrew Lange will be exceptionally attentive towards your concerns. They are also fully committed to achieving treatment options which are most suitable for your needs.