4 ways to improve your oral health

Sure, brushing AND flossing can never be replaced for good oral health, but here are a few tips in addition to your normal brushing and flossing routine.

1. Chew sugar free gum after meals. How does this help? By increasing salivary flow, this helps wash away acid on teeth, thus reducing chances for a cavity

2. Cleaning your tongue while brushing. This would include brushing your tongue, or even using a scraper for your tongue. Why? Cleaning your tongue in addition to your gums and teeth helps reduce bacterial count which can help with bad breath – also called halitosis

3. Do a self exam periodically.  – A great way to see the effectiveness of your brushing is to use a disclosing tablet or solution. These products temporarily stain plague on teeth. When used after brushing, you will be able to see where you missed, and also can see how much more you need to brush, when you try to remove the stained plague. Disclosing tablets are also great to test the effectiveness of new products and techniques

4. Drink more tap water. Why? Bottled water and some filtered water may be missing fluoride which help strengthen teeth.

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